Behind the Scenes: Don't Blame Me

Me and the Hat Again Lol.jpg

Taking on Taylor

I have always had so much respect for Taylor Swift. She is an incredibly talented songwriter and artist. I absolutely fell in love with Reputation, with one of my favorite songs on the album being “Don’t Blame Me”. I had the idea for my cover from the first line in her chorus: “Don’t blame me – love made me crazy”. I thought it would be interesting to take that literally – love making me go insane – losing my mind.


Tarantino Inspiration

I wanted the esthetic of this video to be Tarantino-esque. Quentin Tarantino is my favorite director and a huge creative inspiration for me. I have always wanted to do a music video in this style but had to wait for the perfect opportunity, given the twisted nature. Being such a big fan, it was a dream come true to shoot a portion of the video in an abandoned store in Lancaster, CA – on the same property of the church where they shot Kill Bill!

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There Will Be Blood

I knew our vision for the project was risky. Having violent content in a music video can easily come off as cheesy or fake. Thankfully, my good friend and one of the best directors of photography I know, Hunter Gulan, made sure everything looked incredible. His shooting expertise and editing skills executed our vision in a tasteful and realistic way. It was a lot of fun bloodying things up with fake blood my best friend, Jessica Gross, made for us. We also used the brand Red Drum for fake blood as well and it worked wonders.

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The Bedroom

The bedroom scenes in the music video were shot in my actual bedroom in Hollywood. We took everything out of the room except my white bed and white nightstand. With haze in the air and blood all over everything, we were able to capture some intense visuals. I’ll be honest, there’s still a little bit of blood on the wall I’ve kept up there for fun.


The Shrine

It’s amazing how you can transform a space in a big way with a small amount of money. With the help of my friend Jessica, we brought the shrine to life with hardly any money spent. All of the candles, crosses, and minerals were from a dollar store. The rosary was even from a dollar store. We took chalk and wrote all over the walls for a chilling effect, and finished it with Hunter’s black tarp in the back. The veil was a long piece of black tulle from Wal-Mart for $10. Jess painted the crosses for me in my kitchen the night before the shoot. It just goes to show, you don’t need a lot of money for things to look good – just patience, creativity, and good friends. 

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