200 MPH


Find us in the smoke
Green light
Gas pedal
And we're rollin’
Speeding up
Dark horse
They’ll never see it comin’
Started out in the back
Now we're picking up slack
If they wanna ride
Then they better move fast
‘Cause we’re stealing their spot
They thought we would crash
Through the windshield
But now we're in first and they're spinning out their wheels
We’re jumping in with the great whites in the water
Coming in hot and it’s only getting hotter
It’s getting hotter
It’s getting hotter

We’re goin’ 200
We’re gettin’ ahead
No stoppin’ at red
Racin’ ‘til the end

Boltin’ down the street
We made it this far
And we're never gonna leave
There’s fumes in the sky
As we’re takin' the lead
Accelerate, escalate
Won’t take defeat
Burnin’ the road
We live for the heat
For the heat